1981 born in Swabia, Germany
1997-2000 Graphic designer, Carl-Hofer-School of applied arts and crafts, Karlsruhe
2002-2008 Master in fine art, Art Academy Karlsruhe
2014-2015 Practical pedagogical education in design, arts and crafts, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway


The process of drawing is the most relevant part of my work. What interests me most about drawing, is the dialogue between subject and object, the phenomenological experience, the immersion in the work. Most of my motifs are solitary, organic objects. Detached from any background or decorative elements, they float freely in the space of the paper. My drawings may to a certain degree refer to literature, science or philosophy, but in the end I am not interested in creating metaphors. I try to apply phenomenology, poetry, and science in a practical manner, instead of just illustrating it. To me, this means to map objects in the way they appear to me, and to experience their apparition. A certain connection to scientific illustration is obvious and quite deliberate - the examination of an object on its nature and structure, the emphasis on individual and special features, as well as the accuracy in craftsmanship. An essential style element showed in most of my drawings is hatching/cross hatching technique. These drawing techniques require a lot of time which, in turn, makes the work process an even more important key factor.